Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Reading Challenge '09!

Soooo. My good friend Lizzie over at The Book Obsession just posted about a summer reading challenge that she's starting up this summer. In her words:

Yes Summer is here! School is out soon or already is for the lucky ones. I thought I would do something fun on my blog since it's been somewhat blah lately due to the end of school. So I always wanted to do a reading challenge but as you can see I'm a little too late to join the "Books Read in 2009" I decided to make one for just Summer 2009! I'll have a list in my sidebar and give update posts on how I'm doing.

But here is where the readers come in. You will be the ones challenging me! So leave comments or email me on how many books you want to see me read or how many you think I can. This summer event will include contests, polls, and more. But the only way it can start is by you guys challenging! So all you need to do is comment on how many you want me to read by the beginning of my school year and the most common number will be the number I read up to.

So comment and Happy Reading!

So why don't you go over and help her out? I know I'm gonna be joining her this summer, too. =)