Friday, June 5, 2009

SevenBookBabes Video.

It's the last day of school and I really don't feel like writing a review out (sorry!), so you get to see my sevenbookbabes video for today. =))


simply nerdy book reviews said...

arent you so glad summer's here? lol:) cool video! wait what day's your birthday on again? mine's august 3rd:)

Anonymous said...

You girls are amazing! Great video-you should do this more! Love You!
Mom LaGrois

Anonymous said...

Cute video!! What happened to the video with the Mustang?
You 2 make a good team.

Kd said...

lol we look too cute!

Bookworm said...

So cute! And you are so lucky you're out of school....2 more days for me...(: