Sunday, June 7, 2009

In My Mailbox (June 7)

Sorry about the late post today! Now onto the books!

For Review:

Ghostgirl & Ghostgirl: Homecoming - Tonya Hurley
Fire - Kristin Cashore

From YA Book Swap:
What Would Emma Do? - Eileen Cook (Thanks Yan!)



Amelia said...

Great books this week! Hope you enjoy reading them.

katie said...

Great books! I just finished What Would Emma Do?. Happy reading!

Cindy said...

Great books!!!

Amber[ella] said...

great books! I can't wait for fire. I will wait to read that one before graceling since I guess Fire is supposed to be the prequel! get some pics of your bookshelves up when you are done with them! I must see!!

Anonymous said...

Fire!! You are lucky. Happy reading!