Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals for 2009.

As the title says, this post is going to be about my goals for 2009 for the blog.

Goal Number One: End procrastination.

I am probably the world's biggest procrastinator. I procrastinate about everything: school projects, papers, writing reviews, even doing homework. One of my major goals for 2009 is to write reviews right after I finish a book, so I don't get lazy and not write them.

Goal Number Two: Post everyday.

Another one of my big goals is to post everyday here on the blog. Even if I haven't read any books, I hope to post the weekly meme's and things so that there's at least one post every day.

Goal Number Three: Reply in a more timely manner.

I reply to my e-mail in a pretty timely manner (partly because I, like, obsessively check my e-mail), but I don't reply to comments in a very timely manner. I hope to reply to comments in the comments section in a timely manner, instead of, like, three weeks later like I have been. :]

Goal Number Four: Comment on other blogs more.

I subscribe to a whole bunch of blogs in my Google Reader, but I usually don't comment on them. I'll read the posts and enjoy them, but never comment. I hope to comment a whole lot more on all the blogs I read next year.

Goal Number Five: Read more.

I haven't been able to read as much with school and everything, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse next year. I will read more, and I hope to read at least one book per week.

Those are my five goals for the blog next year. If I'm not following up on any one of these, please tell my in my comments or send me an e-mail! I really hope to stick with this and be able to follow all of these the whole year through. :]



stargirlreads said...

Great goals!

YA Book Realm said...

lol Omg my goals are very similar to yours. Hopefully, I'll be able to follow mine also.