Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the Year CONTEST!

That's right, it's an end of the year CONTEST! It's not just a comment and win one this time, however. I'm looking for reader input on ways to make this blog better and what better time to do it than for the ringing in of the new year?

Okay. Here's the rules:

How to Enter:

-->Send an e-mail to hopesblogAThotmailDOTcom or comment in the comments section, and answer the following questions:

1. What do you like most about the blog?
2. What do you like least?
3. What should I improve for next year?
4. What was your first impression of Hope's Bookshelf?
5. If I have more contests, what would you like given away?
6. How often do you visit?
7. Any additional comments you have.

-->Sorry to all worldwide readers! I am a broke teenager so I can only ship the the United States.

-->If you have any questions, e-mail me.


There will be three winners for this contest! The titles are linked to the amazon page for more information.

-->Hey Diddle Diddle, the Corpse and the Fiddle by Fran Rizer

-->Crusader Gold by David Gibbins

-->The Book of Dahlia by Elisa Albert

Extra Entries:

+1 each place: Posting about it on your blog/myspace/facebook/wherever - just give me links!
+2: Someone enters and says they were referred by you.

I'm looking forward to all your answers, I've been looking forward to this contest for a while because of that. :] Any questions at all, please do e-mail me.

Contest ends on January 14th!



The Book Obsession said...

1. I love the idea that when you go onto the blog there's just so many things to look at and so much to offer.

2. Would you believe me when I say that there is nothing wrong with your blog, hope? I'm sitting here for like 5 minutes trying to find something and I got nothing.

3. Like you said in your goals to comment everyday, even if it's a blog about nothing lol

4. I loved all the colors, LOL

5. I like the idea of giving your opinion to winning contests. But I think a book is the best thing you can give away. =]

6. I visit everyday mostly. I feel like a stalker lol But yeah, I just started out so I look to your blog for ideas because your the one that helped me start my own blog. =]

7. I still cannot get that double sidebar lol

Katie said...

1. I like that you can get a lot of information in one place.
2. Nothings really bad about it..
3. hmm.. do something to get readers involved?
4. wow, there's a lot going on here.
5. books (obviously), bookmarks
6. pretty often, about 4 times a week

Katie said...

I also put a link to this contest in my sidebar.

The Book Obsession said...

i posted a comment before saying i put a link on my sidebar but i guess it didnt go through.
ah well..i put a link in my sidebar lol

Sarahbear9789 said...

1. I like the honest reviews.
2. I don't dislike anything.
3. Not sure.
4. Pretty layout.
5 Books and other book-ish things.
6. Whenever my feed says there is a new post.
7. It is great to talk to you on Twitter. =D

Katie said...

1. I love your reviews and your book recomendations have not failed me yet! :)

2. Truley, and I know your going to deny this, but there really isn't anything wrong with your blog. I mean really whats not to like! lol :)

3. well the obvious would be, like you said comment alot more on other blogs and read more. But, Hope your not Wonder Woman! I have seen your schedual and It looks like your doing more than great for what your schedual is already. :)

4. That is was freakin amazing!:)

5. well... I do love books :)
really anything book related.

6. Evertime I check my blog out I check yours out Hope... so that like almost everyday! :)

7. Yep... well wait I just forgot so I will tell you later! :)

Oh wait I just remembered! If you look at every answer I left a smilie face right after it! lol I love smilie faces :)

Katie. :)

Wrighty - said...

It's hard to believe you're a broke teenager! I'm new to your blog but I'm very impressed. I found it through a link at Alexicon's blog.

1. There is so much here to see and do!
2. I haven't looked at everything yet but I haven't found anything I didn't like.
3. Just have fun with it!
4. The first thing I noticed and really liked was the colors and the pattern. Very nice!
5. I agree that books, gift cert., anything book related.
6. I hope to be back again soon!

I've added this to my blog too.

Alyce said...

This is my first visit to your blog.

1. What do you like most about the blog? I like the organization - the 3 column layout. It's easy to find everything.
2. What do you like least? The blurry header picture is a little hard on the eyes.
3. What should I improve for next year? The background is a little to busy and bright for my tastes.
4. What was your first impression of Hope's Bookshelf? That it looks like a very interesting book blog, but the color scheme hurts my eyes (hope that's not too brutally honest).
5. If I have more contests, what would you like given away? Books are my favorite giveaway items.
6. How often do you visit? I'm a first time visitor.
7. Any additional comments you have. I like what I see so far - the content of your posts looks great.
akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

stephanie said...

1. What do you like most about the blog? hmmm, I love the whole background/layout and the reviews
2. What do you like least? uhhh, I can't think of one xD
3. What should I improve for next year? maybe some more author interviews?
4. What was your first impression of Hope's Bookshelf? the colorful background
5. If I have more contests, what would you like given away? anything as long as its YA :]
6. How often do you visit? about once a day
7. Any additional comments you have. thanks for the contest :) I also linked it on my blog: (SIDEBAR)


Anonymous said...


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