Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Salon: September 21.

I've been such a horrible Sunday Salon-ist, but I'm back today!

Today, I plan on catching up with things on the blog. This includes giving you guys a new review (finally). I'm also going to update the contests sidebar and my challenges to make sure they're all up to date. I'm also going to attempt to change my background. *gasp* I got some help from Kristi, so maybe I'll be able to do it today. :D

This week, I started reading Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott. It's really good, and I hate having to put it down, but I have to, sadly. I have lots of homework, and my school's homecoming is in about two weeks. I'm on the Student Government, and I'm on the Programs Committee, which means I have to interview all the court people and get the fall sports lists for the programs for the football game. I'm also the Co-Chair of the Pep Assembly Committee, so I've spent a good majority of my weekend calling local businesses asking for gift card donations. Exciting, yes? haha.

But I'm hoping to finish that book this week. I'm also hoping to make a bigger dent in Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. I wasn't expecting it to be that thick when it came in the library! I was like, "Holy crap!" haha.

I also got Generation Green in the mail this week from Pulse IT and I was really excited because I saw it and haven't wanted to read it since then. I'm hoping to start that book this week, as well.

That's pretty much it for today, but check back for a review later! Also, if I don't post on this blog during the week, I post on Young Adult Book Bloggers on Mondays, and on the Teen Tuesday blog on Tuesdays. I don't always have time to cross post them, so that's why you may not see them on this blog, as well.

**EDIT**: Thank Kristi (The Story Siren) for helping me redo the background. (And just putting up with me in general.) :D



Anonymous said...

Well, welcome back, anyway, Hope.

We have Impulse at the bookstore where I work. It does look like quite a tome, but it seems to be selling extremely well, with it "flying" off our shelves.

Karen Harrington said...

I just stumbled upon your blog here today. Yay for moi! I'll look forward to your review.

Hope. said...

Justareadingfool: It's humongous, but so far it's really good.

Karen: Thanks. It'll be posted here soon now that I'm back from the grocery store and have my homework finished. :D


The Story Siren said...

no problemo hope!