Monday, September 15, 2008

Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

So, today is the first official day of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

Today, us book bloggers are showing appreciation to other book bloggers who may help them out, inspired them to start their own book blog, or are just really nice people. There are a lot of these kind of people in the YA blogging world, but I'm going to list my favorites. If you've never heard of them, you should check them out!

The Story Siren - Kristi is really nice and has excellent reviews. I love her author tales feature. The Story Siren was one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own YA review site. Not to mention that Kristi has helped me with my HTML about a million zillion times because my HTML skills pretty much equal zero.

What Vanessa Reads - Vanessa is an all around awesome girl. She started the message board Like OMG Teens Read, which I'm pretty much addicted to. Her reviewing style is unique. And if you haven't read the Like OMG Everything Books and Authors newsletter, you should check it out! You'll recgonize not only mine and Vanessa's names, but Chelsie's as well! (If you've never heard of this newsletter, go to for more information.)

Read, Read, Read - Chelsie is amazing. :D She has really great reviews, and her Inter(Re)view idea was really good. Her blog is very original and I love it for that. :D

Reviewer X - Steph and I didn't start off on the right foot, but even when our problems weren't resolved, I've always enjoyed her reviewing style and sarcasm. Her blog is amazing, and has grown so much since she started because of her extremely honest reviews.

The Page Flipper - Blogging Buddy, you are amazing. :D Chelsea was my other inspiration for starting a book reviewing blog. She helped me from the beginning when I first started and she's been a real great help. If you've ever seen her website, you will realize why she deserves to be nominated for the Best YA Lit Blog for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Thanks, Blogging Buddy. :D

Book Chic - James is a wonderful YA book reviewer. He's really nice and will always help you if you need it. I love reading his blog (I really do read it, James, I just rarely comment because I'm always logged into the wrong MySpace account, haha). He holds many contests, which I love. :D If you've never read Book Chic before, check it out now!

Okay, that's it for today, folks. Again, if you've never read any of these blogs, you should check them out, because they are all really wonderful and nice.



whatvanessareads said...

Hope is super super super cool!

Thanks for the compliments :)


Steph said...

Thank you, Hope! I'm glad we settled our problems. You're just way too nice not to be adored :P *huggles* Thanks for mentioning my blog - I appreciate the hell out of it.


Chelsie said...

Hey Hope I'm kinda curious about what you said about you and Steph not starting out on the right foot... you'll have to tell me about it.

Thanks for the shoutout =D You are so awesome!


Book Chic said...

Awww, thanks so much for the mention!! And comment anyway even if you aren't in the right account. I love comments- I crave them, lol.

Also, like I've said on other blogs, if I were making a list, you would totally be on it! :)

Glad you like my blog! You've got a great list of other blogs too.

Chelsea said...

Aw, thanks, Hope! :) You rock. Hard.

Hope. said...

Vanessa - No problem. You deserve it. :D

Steph: I'm glad, too. Thanks. :D *huggles back*

Chelsie: No problem. You are, too. :D

James: It won't let me! I'll just have to add you to my personal so I can still comment you! And thanks. :D

Chelsea: Just giving credit where credit is due. :D

Book Chic said...

Oh yeah, add me on as many accounts as you want, no problem, lol. :P That's odd that it won't let you cuz I've gotten plenty of comments from people who aren't friends of mine, like on the contest entries (yknow, the ones where everyone and their mother posts, lol).