Sunday, June 15, 2008

Violet by Design - Melissa Walker

Violet thought she was off the runway for good. But then her agent, Angela, called her and gave her an offer she couldn't refuse: a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she would star in Brazil's Fashion Week. Her life as an international runway star leads her to have to choose between her best friend or her job, but it also leads her to find her true love.

I fell in love with Violet on the Runway and couldn't wait to read Violet by Design. I definetly was not disappointed with the continuation of the Violet series.

Violet deals with even more serious issues than she did in the first book. She tries to support a healthy body image for girls all over - something I know models don't do now - and she seems to lose herself in the process. She doesn't know who she can trust, and she finds herself doing things that maybe she shouldn't - like trying crash diets and starving herself to lose five pounds for a fashion show.

Violet by Design continues the Violet series, and you will not be disappointed by it. I highly recommend this series - Melissa Walker is an amazing writer. Violet by Design ends with a cliffhanger like Violet on the Runway did, so I'm glad I have an ARC of Violet in Private - the last and final installment of the series - here to read!



Melissa Walker said...
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Melissa Walker said...

Thanks for the review! I'm so, so glad you're liking Violet so far...