Thursday, June 12, 2008

Released Today!

Check out the great new release for today!

Looks - Madeleine George

An unforgettable debut novel about the way we look at others, and the way we see ourselves.

Meghan Ball is both the most visible and the most invisible person in school. Her massive size is impossible to ignore, yet people freely spill their secrets in front of her, perhaps because they think she isn't listening. But she is. Now her attention has turned to a new girl: Aimee Zorn, with her stick-figure body and defiant attitude. Meghan is determined to befriend Aimee, and when she ultimately succeeds, the two join forces to take down their shared enemy.

This provocative story explores the ways in which girls use food and their bodies to say what they cannot: I'm lonely.



Anonymous said...


Oh, this sounds like a really good read. [= I might read it. Thanks for the review!

Hit back!

Aren xo

RR2 said...

I really want to read this book!