Monday, June 23, 2008

Read My Lips - Teri Brown

Serena doesn't want to become popular at her new school. She just wants to hang out with the punk skater kids and have a good time. She didn't even want to move to Portland... but her parents wanted her to be closer to her family and to fit in more.

But fitting in is the last thing Serena does in Portland. The popular girls instantly see her as an asset because she can read lips, and so she starts to hang out with them.

But what about Miller who is the furthest thing away from popular at their high school? And what will happen when big secrets come out in their school?

I loved the idea of the book. It was very realistic. I know if a deaf girl that could read lips came to my school, the popular kids would definitely want her as a friend so they could use her. I felt like Serena grew as a character, too. It kind of got old that the author kept pointed out that she was a punk skater girl. She only has to say it once, not a bunch of times in one chapter, for readers to get the point.

Overall, the book was wonderful. It wasn't slow to start off with, and I got into it quickly. I would definitely recommend this book -- I've never seen anything like it before.

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Trish Doller said...

I thought this premise was really fresh and unique. Selena is a character you can really like, which made it a great read.