Friday, June 20, 2008

The Clique Summer Collection: Massie - Lisi Harrison

Massie gets BE-yoo-tiful: After Massie Block gets kicked off her high horse and out of her ultra exclusive Westchester riding camp, her parents force her to do the unthinkable-find a summer job. Not one for dog-walking or brat-sitting, Massie comes up with the ah-bvious solution: She'll be a sales rep for the cosmetics brand Be Pretty. Massie fully hearts her new role as fairy gawdmother of makeup-until she discovers transforming LBRs into glam-girls takes more than a swish of her royal purple mascara wand.

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I used to love the Clique series, but after reading this book I honestly can't remember the reason. Here is my long lists of rants:

1. This coming from the person who types everything out fully on IM: when you type a word, do it right. I got so tired of the "Gawd", "ah-dorable", and "ehmygods" that filled this book.

2. It was only 120 pages and I didn't feel like there was really any plot or plot devolpment or anything. It was just very boring.

3. Massie comes off as such a spoiled rich kid I just wanted to throw the book against a wall. I mean, I get why her parents want her to get a summer job, but it wasn't even really a job. She was getting paid for telling people how ugly they looked and what make-up would make them look better.

I guess you could say that you learned more about the character Massie and how she is away from the Pretty Commitee, but this book just didn't really cut it for me. I would recommend the Gossip Girl or It Girl series if you are looking for books about the life of spoiled rich kids.



=]!Aren![= said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. And great review. I sort of feel the same way, there was no plot or direction. I usually sort like the Clique Books, but the author probably rushed it so it was a major let down.

Trish Doller said...

What irritates me most about the Clique series is that those girls get away with everything. There's never any REAL consequences for their actions and they never really learn anything other than they can get away with anything.