Monday, March 17, 2008

Wuthering High - Cara Lockwood.

It wasn't Miranda's fault that she crashed her dad's convertible into a tree. Honest. Her sister was having trouble with a bully and she had to go and pick her up. But after this incident and maxing out her step-moms credit card, Miranda's mother and father send her to Bard Academy.

Located in the middle of nowhere on an island that doesn't even get cell service (can you say cruel?), Miranda doesn't know how she'll survive. Then, she starts noticing occurances that happen on campus that is very similiar to old literature classics. Is this coincidence? Or is it something else... something a little bit more freaky?

I enjoyed Wuthering High a lot. It was a very good book, with a very origional story line, which I liked. I have never heard a story like this before, it was definetly a first for me. The characters were "normal" and I could relate to them in many different ways. I also liked how even though the book dealt with ghosts and things like that, it also dealt with things that lots of us go through every day. Romance, divorced parents who don't even act like they want to spend time with you. It just makes the story seem even more realistic.

However, I thought I noticed a few inconsistencies, but it was nothing major. It might have just been me, I'm not sure. (I was reading with my contacts out and my glasses not on...) This is the only thing that I could say, besides a few grammer mistakes, that wasn't good about this book.



Heather♥ said...

I've been really really wanting to read this book. Now that I've read your review, I know that it's at least pretty good. Even though grammatical errors really bug me. :D


Book~Adorer said...

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Lucy said...

I am sitting an exam and I had to read a piece from this book. I really wanted to read it as the piece I have to read is very exciting! Since I have now read your review I would like to read it even more! Thankfully I have borrowed it from someone and I'm going to start reading it tonight! I can't wait!