Saturday, March 15, 2008

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Tyler is known as an outcast. It has been this way ever since he wrote a few choice words about the principal on the wall of the school. He was caught, so it wasn't like nobody knew about it.

But things this year are turning around. He's a senior, his sister a freshmen, and she's just determined to turn his outcast status to a bad boy image. Then, the popular girl, Bethany, starts taking notice in him. But what will happen when a scandal involving Bethany hits the school? Tyler is a main suspect in the investigation... and he's finding that's not a good thing.

I thought Twisted was a good book. You don't see too many books written from a guy's point of view - especially by a female author - so I thought that was really unique. The book has a really good storyline, and it's not a typical one, which was also really cool. This book really makes me want to read Laurie Halse Anderson's other books, I cannot wait to get my hands on them now.

je t'aime.


Heather♥ said...

wow, I've been dying to read this book. I'm actually working on ordering it from amazon right now.

Reader Rabbit said...

I liked this book, too! I've heard that her other book, Speak, is really good...