Monday, March 16, 2009

Band Geek Love - Josie Bloss


Ellie Snow is three things:

1. Trumpet goddess and uber band geek. (yeah, that's right).
2. A senior (finally).
3. SO not into high school boys (way immature).

Ellie's solo on the last day of band camp was going to be her shining moment...

Every fiber of my body was humming with anticipation. Everyone's eyes were on me. This was it. And at that moment, right as I was taking a deep breath to being, I saw him staring directly into my eyes like he already knew me. . .

I flubbed my first note.


I was expecting this book to be a kind of quick read, and it was a very quick read -- quicker than expected. And while I enjoyed the storyline, I thought it could've been executed better.

The characters were just okay. While you could relate to them, they just didn't seem real. The way they're described, they seem like normal teenagers, but then the way they act, it just isn't like normal teenagers. The way the reacted to things in different situations just didn't seem right. When I was reading certain parts, I was like, "Wait, why'd she react like that?" or "Why did she just do that? It just doesn't seem... right."

The main character was another issue to me. While there were certain things I could relate to, she just didn't have a very good voice. It seemed to me like she repeated herself a lot, and not in good ways. And while I could relate to her in certain ways, overall, as a character, it was hard to relate to her and the decisions she made.

This book was also very predictable. I wasn't expecting much different from it, but I wasn't expecting to have it be as predicable as it was. And while there was one twist towards the end that I didn't see coming, I had the rest of the book figured out in the first fifty pages.

Overall, though, this book was a cute, quick read. While I didn't enjoy how the story was executed, I still did enjoy the storyline, and I will be reading the sequel, Band Geeked Out. I would recommend getting this book from the library instead of going out and buying it.



Erika Powell said...

thanks for the honest review!

Tiqa Khairi said...

Gosh I really wouldnt mind reading this one!

Sadako said...

This sounds cute. Too bad you didn't like it better--I like band geek characters!