Friday, February 6, 2009

Cormac - Sonny Brewer


Cormac is a novel based on real events, and tells the tale of a Golden Retriever, who ran away from his Alabama home while the owner was on a book tour in San Francisco. Cormac had always been afraid of storms, they made him cower and tremble. Or, in this case, run, run like the shrieking wind that blew the rain across the land. Maybe if Cormac s master had not been away from home, and his food and water poured for him by a stranger s hand, things would have been different. But on that day the young male dog took off into an adventure that would land him in the bed of a red pickup truck, driven by a mysterious woman who would hand him over to the dog pound, and the dog pound would hand him over to a rescue group who would take him to a clinic to be fixed by a routine scalpel and end his royal lineage. Cormac would be hauled to Connecticut in the back of a van, and turned over to another rescue group that would offer him for adoption on the internet. These things are known because Cormac s owner, Sonny Brewer, the author of this book, went door to door in his neighborhood gathering one clue and then another, one bit of information and then another. When the trail led him to the dog pound and the director there refused to disclose information to Sonny, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist friend promised the story would make national news in 48 hours unless Sonny was told everything he wanted to know. Doors and phone lines then opened and Sonny attempted to determine if the Golden Retriever the foster family called Cognac was in fact Cormac. Sonny felt 90 percent certain it was his dog and agreed to take him, paying a pet transport driver $300 to bring the Golden south to Alabama.

The Simplified Version:

Rating: D-, or two hearts.
Plot - 15/20
Characters - 10/20
Writing - 10/20
Originality - 18/20
Entertainment - 5/10
Recommendation - 5/10
Total: 63/100


I got send Cormac to review for Book Divas. When I first saw the summary, I was like, wow. This is going to be an amazing book. It didn't really live up to my expectations, though. First, it had a really slow start. I almost never give up on reading a book, but I got to page fifty of this one, and I was close to putting it down. If it hadn't picked up for a little bit there, I would've put it down.

Not only did it start off slow, but the pace would pick up and then drop way down like the beginning, then pick up, etc. The events weren't really.. scattered well throughout the book.

I didn't really enjoy the author's style of writing, either. It was just so... boring. You know how people like to use lots of descriptive words in one sentence? Yeah, I found that happening a lot in this novel, and that annoys me to no end. That was one thing that annoyed me about the author's style, but I guess his style just wasn't my type of thing.

The story was cute though. I couldn't even imagine losing either one of my two yellow labs. It's definitely easy to relate to the feelings in the novel because of this. If you're any kind of animal lover, dog lover in particular, you'll be able to relate to this book. You'll know the feelings being portrayed by the author. The story about how he got his dog home was really interesting as well. I never thought that it would take that much just for one little dog! So much happened to him in just a few days!


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Bookworm said...

That dog is so cute! Too bad the book wasn't very enjoyable, it sounds a bit of MARLEY & ME.