Monday, April 14, 2008

I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder

Jackson, Ava's boyfriend, was the person she wanted to spend her whole life with. But with three words - "I dare you" - the one's that Ava spoke, he died. She thinks he's really gone until she finds out that he hasn't left her quite yet.

He has come back in ghost form to her. He can only speak in her mind for short periods of time, but he can send her messages. But after a while she feels like she just needs to move on, get over Jackson because he's never truly coming back. But Jackson just doesn't want to leave her.

Written in verse, I Heart You, You Haunt Me is amazing, a new title on my favorites list. I'll be the first to tell you I'm not much of a verse novel person, but this book had me hooked and I just couldn't put it down. I can see why this book was part of the 2k8 list - who can't resist a well-written paranormal romance?



Chelsea said...

I really liked this book!

Chelsie said...

I have tons more books to add to my wish list =P Great review!

Te amo,

Em said...

This was a really good book. I'm not much of a verse novel fan either but I really enjoyed this one. :)

Trish said...

I didn't expect to like this because I'm not a fan of verse novels, either, but it was really good.