Saturday, March 8, 2008

Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld

Lee Fiora is a thirteen-year-old girl from South Bend, Indiana. She excels at all her classes at her local middle school. This is why she decides she wants to apply to a boarding school. She never thought she would actually get in. But when she gets into the upper end Ault School, and with her parents only having to pay $4,000 a year of the $22,000 tuituion, they say it's too good of an oppertunity to pass up. So, she goes.

This book is about all four years of Lee's Ault carrear. You see how she grows, and sometimes falls back. You can see how she's treated sometimes for being "different" and how she doesn't really fit in with her classmates. She is on scolarship, she's quiet, she's from the Middle East. Most of her classmates are from New England and are rich.

I thought this book was okay. It wasn't anything great in my opinion. I liked it because it seemed real. It dealt with lots of issues that some teens deal with today. Also, this book was written with Lee looking back at her Ault carrear when she was older and graduated form college, and how certain things that happened affected her life. On the other hand, I felt like it dragged on and on in some points.

Also, if you are not mature, you should not read this book. I'm giving you a heads up that if you are under the age of thirteen or fourteen, you should be mature if this book sounds interesting to you.

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Rachael Stein said...

yeah, i didnt really like this book either :(