Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Girls by Laura Ruby

Since I saw the cover of Good Girls, I wanted to read it. Technology has a big impact on our lives today - and sometimes we don't even realize that.

Audrey does realize that. After a picture of her and her friends-with-benefits guy, Luke, surfaces at school and is even sent to her dad, she isn't the same person. She was known as the good girl - the smart, shy, all-around just good girl at school, now she has guys coming to her left and right and is known as the slut of her school.

Along this journey, Audrey learns how to deal with the talking and the staring, and she even makes new friends.

This story was really good. It shows just how much electronic devices impact us today. The writing was wonderful and just overall, it was really good. It is now on my favorites list. However, if you are younger than fourteen, I wouldn't read it if you are not mature. There are references to sex and a sex scene in it, and that's why I say this.

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