Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contest: Digital Room Posters

So, first I need to let you guys know the winners of The Dark Divine Nail Polish giveaway from ages ago.

The four winners are: Mable L., Amanda F., Carrie M., and Erin D.

Now for this contest.  First: I'm not apart of Digital Room's blogger sponsorship program, so I'll be having contests through them a lot.  This is the first one!  Whoo! :)

There will be ONE poster done for ONE winner.  The winner will get an 18x24 poster, and you can get high gloss or semi gloss paper.

Here's a few things to note:
-It's free shipping through UPS Ground.
-You can only enter if you live in the United States.
-You have to be eighteen years old to enter.  <-- Note that this is different from my usual contests!

For more information on Digital Room click here or here.

This contest ends on Wednesday, May 12 at midnight eastern time.

Fill out the form below to be entered.

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