Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Contest + Contest Winner!

So sorry that the week long Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies has extended into, oh, about three weeks! I was having some issues with the trackpad on my computer (it was acting veryy sensitive and doing really odd stuff) so it was very hard to post anything (as you saw by my lack of posts). However, I forgot we had a mouse that plugs into the usb port in my computer! So, my problems are solved now, and I will be back to daily posting, yay!

The winner of the Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies giveaway is:

Reggie! Reggie, your book will be sent out to you in the near future. :)

This week's contest is for:

A signed copy of DupliKate by Cherry Cheva!

Summary of DupliKate:

To Do List:

Ace SATs
Ace finals
Ace AP physics project
Avoid murdering lab partner
Submit Yale application
Resolve possibly evil twin situation
Due date: December 15th
Countdown: 11 days

By the time Kate Larson accidentally fell asleep at three a.m., she'd already done more work in one night than the average high school senior does in a week. Getting into Yale has been her dream for years—and being generally overworked and totally under-rested is the price of admission. But when she opens her eyes the next day, she comes face-to-face with, well, her face—which is attached to her body, which is standing across the room. Wait, what?

Meet Kate's computer-generated twin. Kate doesn't know why she's here or how to put her back where she belongs, but she's real. And she's the last thing Kate has time to deal with right now. Unless . . .

Could having a double be the answer to Kate's prayers? After all, two Kates can do more work than one. Or will keeping her twin a secret turn her dream future into a living nightmare?

And you can find my review of it here.

To enter:
-Open to the US only! Sorry international readers, I can't afford to ship international. :(
-You must be 13 years or older to enter. If you are under 13, you must have your parents approval to enter!
-Just fill out the form. :)


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