Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prophecy of the Sisters Giveaway!

Hey, all! Little, Brown was kind enough to donate two copies of Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink for a giveaway! There will be two winners each getting one copy of the book. =)

To Enter:

-Leave a comment on this post with your e-mail address. If you do not leave your email address, you will be disqualified.
-Tell me why you want to read this book in your comment!
-If you don't want to comment, you can e-mail me at hopesblog[at]hotmail[dot]com with your answer.

This contest will run for one week. It will end at midnight eastern time next Tuesday. Open to US and Canada only, please. Thanks. =)

Once I pick the winners, I'll e-mail them and you will have forty eight hours to send me your e-mail address so I can get that to the people who need it!




Jessica Secret said...

Ooh, sign me up! I really want to read this book because who doesn't love a good demon book? And it looks EXTREMELY original!


The Book Obsession said...

Please enter me!

I want to read this because I've seen some awesome reviews of it and I love supernatural/fantasy books.


Bianca said...

Please enter me. The book looks really good.
infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

donnas said...

Please include me. I love this genre of books and have read so many great things about this one.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

jessjordan said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh, I want it! I want to read this book b/c it looks awesome, everyone who reads it says it IS awesome, and I love creepy storylines.



~JoRdAn~ said...

Please sign me up! I want to read this book so bad because when I first heard about this book it sounded so amazing. I love that the plot is very unique. I have never heard of any other book like it. Thanks

Inside the Mind

MJ said...

I want to read it because I'm just getting into demons and such and everyone says this is great!!


Debs Desk said...

I would love to read this because, I have read so many great reviews. I love demons. This is one of the books on my wishlist that I most want to read. Please include me in your giveaway.

Kelsey said...

I definitely want to read this book. I've been watching the countdown for it to come out for a month or so now. After reading so many awesome reviews, I knew I had to read it!


Emily Ruth said...

I've actually already read this book, but I read it for an awards club so I like flew through it. I want a copy for myself because I want to read it AGAIN and AGAIN, and because the cover's so gorgeous.
I squealed when I saw your contest :D


ilonga said...

Please, enter me. I would love to read this book because I have read so many good reviews about it (the first one was at Reviewer X) and is about the supernatural, which is one of my favorite themes :)


Steph Su said...

Oh wow, S&S is incredible! I want to enter this contest because I'd love a hardcover copy of POTS, and I'm excited for the rest of the trilogy. :)

stephxsu at gmail dot com

jpetroroy said...

I love gothic mysteries, so I can't wait to read this.

anotherpageisused said...

I wanna read this book because it sounds amazing. I love dark/fantasy books!


WordVore Prod said...

Int'l? Then count me in!
I'd love to read it because the premise sounds so promising:)

lanna-lovely said...
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Lost in a Book said...

I've been DYING to read this book! I love stories with prophecies and cool mysteries. It just looks so original!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Sarah and please sign me up. I would love to read this amazing looking book because I have a sister and we are often mistaken for twins. Because this book has one evil and one good who obviously wont get along it will help make us realize how lucky we really are to be best friends especially if we share the novel. Also paranormal fiction is my absolute favorite!


Jessica said...

I would love to be entered because I've heard nothing but good things about this book and I'm always on the look out for new authors to try. jessica(at)fan(dot)com

Taste Life Twice said...

i'm just starting to discover that paranormal fiction is awesome!- not creepy
enter me please!


Korianne said...

Ok, I must admit I already own the ARC, but I would love a finished copy! The cover is simply gorgeous!


Sylvia said...

I would really love to win! I've been hearing lots of great things about it and most of all, I love that it's different, unique and I really look forward to reading it, I hope I win! thanks!!:)


Lilibeth Ramos said...

I really want to read this one, not only because Michelle Zink is so awesome (though that is so true) but because the rivalry between the sisters (good vs. evil) sounds like a big can't-miss to me!


Emma said...


I want to read this book because it's a mixture of my favorite genres: historical fiction and fantasy. Demons and prophecies are fantastic, and currently I don't have the money to buy this book.

Please enter me:


Anonymous said...

Hi Hope, sorry but I entered your contest earlier and must withdrawl for I have been told the book was ordered for me as a surprise. Sorry for any problems this might cause.

Thank you.


~The Book Pixie said...

I want to read this because I've heard great things about it and it sounds sooo good. Thanks for having such a great contest! :)


I Heart Book Gossip said...

Please count me in.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

All Things Pertaining To Us said...

The book sounds original. plus it sounds sad and I just want to know what happens with the sisters. - Cardwellmail@aol.com