Monday, August 3, 2009

Lisa McMann Signing!

I promised more info so here it is!

So, my mom, grandma, brother, and I went to the Lisa McMann signing in Novi on Saturday. It was my first book signing, and the first author I've met in person. As many of you know, I'm getting my license in a few weeks (as long as I pass my road test tomorrow), so my mom had me drive down to Novi, which is a really FUN drive because the freeway was all under construction (like all the freeways in Michigan xD). So after about an hour-ish we were in Novi, at the Borders where the signing was.

First, Lisa talked about where her inspiration for the trilogy came from. She then answered questions from the people in the crowd, and then read us the first three pages of Gone (!!!). After that everyone lined up to get their books signed.

When it was my turn to get up there, I first asked Lisa if I could get a picture with her. So I walked around the table and my mommy took our picture (which I can't let you see yet because I don't know where the camera cord is...). Then when she asked my name and stuff to sign the books, I was like "I'm Hope from Hope's Bookshelf," since she knew I was coming.

When she found that out, she was like "Oh my gosh! YOU'RE Hope!" and then got up to give me a hug. After that we talked for a bit, and she signed the copies of Wake and Fade that I had. She also signed a copy of the Borders poster that announced that she was coming that was sitting on the desk.

All four of us picked out books to get, and then we went to Olive Garden for dinner which was reallly yummy. Then we headed back home, which took longer than usual because the construction was worse on the other side of the freeway lol.

So that is the story of my first book signing! I got my mom and grandma addicted, they want to go to more now, haha.



DeNiSe MaDnEsS said...

Was that really your first booksining I live in chicago and get many authore visite I love it Ive been to a few and Ive also meet Lisa Mcmann Its great that you enjoyed yourself

Sunkissed said...

SO jealous!!!! Ive never actually been to a book signing let alone a really cool author like lisa McCann!!!

Just Blinded Book Reviews said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! I have yet to meet an author whom I know, so I bet that was really exciting! I love getting my mom addicted to books that I've read. My younger sister and I working on her to read The Hunger Games and I think we've got her hooked.

Alexa said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over at my blog, so come check it out!

Sara from DBR said...

Sounds fun!!!