Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blogger Guest Blog: Khy from The Frenetic Reader

Khy is the mastermind behind The Frenetic Reader. Here she is telling us about her most memorable birthday.


First of all, thanks for having me, loverly Hope. Happy birthday and blogoversary! Eat lots of cake to celebrate.

Hope asked me to write about a memorable birthday because I haven’t turned 16 yet, and the most memorable one I can think of is my 13th.

For my 13th birthday, I invited some of my friends from school to go to Disneyland. The night before we left, they slept over and we ate cake, sang bad karaoke versions of “Love Shack,” among other songs, and played with balloons and glow necklaces.

We woke up the next morning, tired from the few hours of sleep we got, and drove to Disneyland.

When we entered the park, we immediately noticed the insanely large amount of people in red shirts. We were very confused by this, but didn’t think much of it. We proceeded to race over to Space Mountain because the line was only 30 minutes.

While waiting in line, my friends and I looked around at all the red shirt people, trying to figure out why they were wearing red.

We figured out who the red shirt people were after seeing a red shirt on someone that read “Innocent bi-stander.”

“I think,” my friend said at that time, “it is gay day.”

Everyone muttered in agreement.

Our theory was further proved by 1) hearing one guy say to his guy friends “Isn’t it weird that we’ve all sex with Jim?” 2) seeing all the red shirts with phrases on them and 3) by the radio person on the way home who said something like “today at Disneyland a bunch of people from ‘a gay society place thingy*’ for ‘some event.’*”

It was quite the memorable day, made only more memorable by the fact that one of my friends was wearing a red shirt and began freaking out because she does not roll like the other people who wearing red.


*That’s not what the guy said. I just can’t remember the name.


Thanks, Khy!



Khy said...

Thanks for having me, lovely Hope. :D

Ashley said...

Hahaha that's funny! If I was wearing red, I'd be freaking out, too.


Ashley said...

Oh and by the way - the link for Khy's site doesn't work. You need to take out "the." Just wanted to let you know!