Friday, August 14, 2009

Blogger Guest Blog: Dominique from The Book Vault

Dominique is the person behind The Book Vault and The Book Vault Junior. Here she is telling us about her favorite birthday memory. =)


One of the best recent birthdays I had was probably last year’s. My birthday is at the end of the summer which means that while I don’t have school on my birthday, most of my friends are still gone on vacation. It’s hard when people are away, or busy with family business, to plan any sort of gathering unless I do it earlier or after the school year starts. So I’ve since given up on having anything more than a little family celebration on my actual birthday (not that I’m complaining!). Since most people are away, they just leave birthday messages or send a quick email if they remember.

So much to my surprise, on my last birthday, some of my friends called my house phone and actually sang “Happy Birthday” to me. It was really sweet of them and it really made my day since it had been pretty mellow up until then! Sometimes it’s the simple things that can really brighten your day! ☺

Happy Birthday, Hope! Thanks for letting me do a guest blog and for letting me help celebrate your birthday!!


Thanks for the birthday wishes and for sharing your story, Dominique! =)


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