Monday, July 6, 2009

Mackenzie, Lost and Found - Deborah Kerbel


Fifteen-year-old Mackenzie Hill knows something is up when she arrives home to find her father making a home-cooked dinner, instead of his standard delivery pizza. But nothing prepares her for the bombshell announcement: Mackenzie and her dad, alone since the death of her mother a year ago, are moving to Jerusalem, where her father has taken a position as a visiting professor at a university.

The adjustment from life in Canada to life in Israel is dramatic - though it's eased somewhat when Mackenzie is befriended by an American girl in her new school. The biggest shock of all comes when Mackenzie faces the wrath of her new friends, new community, and even her own father after she begins dating a Muslim boy.



If there was a weak part in this novel, it was the characters. Mackenzie, while a nice character, was very whiny at times. Also, at times she didn't act her age, and that annoyed me a bit, but not too much. Some of the characters just didn't seem REAL, and I wish they would've been more real -- I think I would've liked this novel a lot more.


The idea of the book was fabulous. While the idea of "forbidden love" has been done before, this book makes it different and original. That's really all I can say -- it was really good, and really original in the way it was done.

Wow Factor

Very wowed. Many people had told me it was a good book, but I wasn't sure -- some of the summary sounded cliche, and I was thinking that might ruin it, but it wasn't cliche.. it was really good. Four hearts.


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