Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren - Wendy Toliver


Geeky to gorgeous in sixty seconds...

Roxy's about to turn sixteen, but life isn't so sweet. As a band geek, Roxy can barely get the cute guys to notice her, much less go out with her. Then, on her birthday, Roxy is transformed into a siren: seductively beautiful with the power to control all men. She thought sirens were an ancient myth, but suddenly Roxy can get any guy she wants with just a few notes on her flute.

There are only two rules: don't tell anyone about being a siren, and don't fall in love. When she starts dating Zach, the guy everybody's crushing on, Roxy realizes she could get used to this siren thing...but how can she keep herself from falling in love?


Plot: Most of you know that Simon Rom Coms are my weakness -- I love them. This one was no exception. While it wasn't my personal favorite, I liked how the Greek Mythology was brought in, and I did enjoy it.

Characters: The characters were real and I felt like Roxy could've been my best friend. They were easy to relate to and described well.

Wow Factor: Simon Rom Coms are very predictable, but I still love them.. and this one was no exception.



stargirlreads said...

sounds cool :)

Silvia said...

I had read about this one but I wasn't sure about reading it. I think I'll give it a try.
I love mythology.

Khy said...

I <3 this book. And Wendy's other one. They're so cute, I almost can't handle it. xD

Thao said...

Mismatch sounds great and this one does too. I love the cover.

Kay Cassidy said...

I loved SIREN and MISS MATCH. If it's got romance in it, I'm there. :-)

Lilibeth Ramos said...

Got tagged, check it out...http://lilibethramos.blogspot.com/2009/06/whats-on-your-desk-wednesday-tagged.html