Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because I Am Furniture - Thalia Chaltas


Anke’s father is abusive. But not to her. He attacks her brother and sister, but she’s just an invisible witness in a house of horrors, on the brink of disappearing altogether. Until she makes the volleyball team at school. At first just being exhausted after practice feels good, but as Anke becomes part of the team, her confidence builds. When she learns to yell “Mine!” to call a ball, she finds a voice she didn’t know existed. For the first time, Anke is seen and heard. Soon, she’s imagining a day that her voice will be loud enough to rescue everyone at home—including herself.


I really loved this book. It is written in verse, which is why I think I liked it so much. The verse makes the story so much more amazing, and also more chilling. It gives you small glimpses into Anke's life and makes her father's abuse to her family more chilling. The idea is really interesting to think about also -- most of the books you read have the main character as the one who is abused, but in Because I Am Furniture, Anke watches everyone else around her get abused, and she's just there. She has to witness it all.

To read the book and watch the slow changes that Anke goes though that make her more and more confident is truly amazing. It's just a subtle change here and there, but they all add up to the end, and to see it happening through the imagery that the verse gives you is truly just amazing.

I believe that Thalia Chaltas is a new young adult author to keep your eyes out for. I also believe you should go get a copy of Because I Am Furniture on Thursday the 16th when it is released.

Five hearts.



Laura said...

I absolutely ADORED this book and the story that is told. I love how Anke's voice grows as she plays Volleyball and becomes stronger for it.

The father is a horrific monster.

Yvette Kelly said...

Sorry to post off topic but I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Lovely Blog award

Anonymous said...

This book looks really good. Thanks for the review! So many good books!

Sadako said...

Have heard great things about this. It sounds so sad. I really want to read it!