Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secret Santa!

Thank you so much, again, Melissa! I'm posting this today instead of tomorrow, because I know I won't want to do it on Christmas day, lol.

So, Merry Christmas... have fun!



stargirlreads said...

Looks like you got some cool stuff!

Bookworm said...

Merry Christmas, Hope! Your Secret Santa sure was generous! (:

Katie said...

Hey Hope!!!
Merry Christmas! Im so excited for you with all the gifts and all from your secret santa. She did a good job on you. Anyway we need to hang out next week so call me when you can so we can do somthing! lol


stargirlreads said...

I have nominated you for I love your blog. Please see

Chelsie said...

Okay, I have lots and lots to sayyy!

1. Videos are hard to comment on, because you can't just scroll up and remember what you wanted to say.

2. However, that doesn't matter because I made a list. =D

3. The bookmark with the books on it looks completely awesome... I would kill for that.

4. The magnet looks awesome too... actually, everything about books is awesome.

5. Buttons?! Ahh!!!! Awesome!

6. Music channel would be awesome... music is good (but books are better). And when you said, "I posted the face down cover..." for a second I thought you were going to talk about how much it sucks, or something like that, but for once you didn't insult yourself! Congrats! =D (btw, you totally rock)

7. Also, I haven't gotten my Secret Santa gift yet =( It makes me wanna cry... I was forgotten about... well, I know I wasn't, but still...

Anyways, we gotta talk on MSN soon! Seriously, we haven't talked in forever and I've got LOADS to tell you... well, not loads, but just a little bit that has to do with a guy whose name starts with a J, and even more about a guy whose name starts with an S... =D

Now I'm done littering your comments section with my useless banter. =D

<3 Chelsie

Hope. said...

To Chelsie's obnoxously (not really) long comment:

1. I'm sorry. But they're still fun to make! :p

2. Lists are fun. I like lists.

3. It's definitely awesome. You can never have too many bookmarks.

4. It was pretty awesome. I was excited to get it. :D


6. Have a passed a test or something? lol. Like... graduated a level in the self-confidence school? haha. :] ...but I really didn't insult myself? Are you serious? I don't believe that. . . *goes to watch again*

7. Aweeee. You'll get it soon! :] *whoever was Chelsie's secret santa, you should send the gift out nowww!*

8. We're talking now!

9. It's not useless banter! (Like I said, it's only cool when I down myself. It just doesn't work for others. . . )


Chelsie said...

1. If I could, I would make videos... I wanna see if your theory is really true, and if they really are fun to make.

2. Lists are the best... seriously, I couldn't live without them.

3. On the contrary, I do have too many bookmarks... I only use like, one of them. The rest of them are just for decoration =D

6. You did not insult yourself, it's true... and you are now one step closer to reaching your full, high-self-esteemed potential!

7. Yes, send the gift! Not like I'm impatient or anything... lol =P

8. Not anymore =( Stupid dads.

9. I didn't down myself, I downed what I was saying (and continue to say...). There's a huge difference. And it's not cool, not even when you do it...

10. Did you notice I skipped four and five? That's because there was nothing to say to those numbers, and if I would have listed them in order you wouldn't know which number to refer back to! Aren't I clever? =D Haha.

<3 Chelsie

Hope. said...

1. It would be sooo awesomeee if you coulddd! :]

2. You should see all the lists I have. *looks around room* Lists, lists, lists!

3. I have so many bookmarks... I use a few of them sometimes, but usually I'm too lazy to get up and get it so I just use whatever's laying on my headboard. haha. :] I should start a bookmark collection! I probably have enough of 'em lol.

6. Yes! (Was this part of, you know, that one evil play you were scemeing that one day? haha. By the way -- if that includes linkage to any certain youtube videos, I will be very, very mad. :D)

7. Psh. You? Impatient? Nooo. :p lol.

8. Gahh! I know. I was so mad, you have no idea. It was only 10! :( But I got your e-mail. So I'm going to e-mail you back next!

9. But I think it is. It's a good personality trait, yeah? haha.

10. I didn't even notice until you told me! haha. Woww. I do have an excuse: it's 8 in the morning lol. :]


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay, I'm so glad you liked your gift Hope! Melissa did a fabolous job. That's awesome that the book was autographed as well. Super sweet!!!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

p.s. OHH and i love music, if you cant tell by my own blog, so i love the idea!