Sunday, December 28, 2008

End of the Year Countdown, #5!

Chelsie over at the awesome Read, Read, Read is having an end of the year countdown of her favorite 2008 titles and offered all of us other bloggers to join in! (Also, go out and check her post -- she's having an awesome contest! :D)

So, starting today, I will be counting down 'till we get to my favorite title of 2008!

First and foremost, I want to let everyone know how HARD it was to pick just five books. I felt like I needed a whole entire MONTH of a countdown to list all of the books that I thought were wonderful this year!

Without further ado:

Book number five is *duhduhduh*: BEWITCHING SEASON!
Author: Marissa Doyle
Release Date: April 29
Review Link:

Bewitching Season had such a nice touch to it. It was a fantasy novel, but not just a fantasy novel. It was also a romance, and a historical fiction. The fantasy and the romance were written so nicely together - one was not more dominant than the other. I can't wait for Betraying Season, the second book in this series, because this one left me wanting to know more and more about the twins and what their future holds.



Bookworm said...

Ooooh, so excited to read this one! Marissa's sending me a copy and it looks great. I'll also be having a different sort of countdown on my blog--giving "awards" to the best books of the year--you know, like "best characters", etc. Happy New Year, Hope!
(: B.

stargirlreads said...

I do like the cover although thats not my type of book