Monday, December 1, 2008

The Second Virginity of Suzy Green - Sara Hantz

I used to be one of the
wildest party girls in

Summary (from back of book):

I used to be one of the wildest party girls in school. But that was before my perfect sister Rosie died. When my family moved to a different town, I created a new identity for myself. Top grades. No detentions. I even ditched my tongue piercing. It's like I've undergone a whole personality transplant. There's just one little problem...

All of Suzy's new friends belong to a virginity club. Despite the tiny tecnicality that she's not a virgin anymore, Suzy joins, too. That's ok; nobody in town knows the truth... until Ryan, her ex, shows up.


This book was a nice, quick, and cute book. The author wrote it very nicely, so that I was embarresed for Suzy in certain situations, happy in others, and frustrated or mad in yet other scenes. I really felt what Suzy was feeling.

The idea of this book was also very good. I've read a book about the idea of a virginity club (The Virginity Club by Kate Brian), and one of the characters in that book had the same technicality that Suzy had - but this book was completely different.

The Second Virginity of Suzy Green was a book that dealt with a new town, a new school, and the death of a sister. Among all that, even deeper, it was about fitting in and finding out who you are.

I recommend this book. It was a very enjoyable read, though it was very predictable in times.



Emily said...

blahhh. I don't like predictable :(

Shalonda said...

Glad to see you liked it. I have been wanting to read this one for a while.

Zoealea said...

This sounds interesting, good review. I'll look for this next time I go to the bookstore.