Sunday, November 30, 2008

Savvy Girl - Lynn Messina

And Deadlines.

Summary (from back of book):

Chrissy Gibbons can't believe her luck. First, she landed a coveted summer internship at her favorite magazine, Savvy. Then, she was befriended by Jessica, the glamorous fashion editor she idolizes. And to to pit all off, it looks like her crush on Michael, a gorgeous college guy who works in the building, could turn into something more.

But what Chrissy wants more than anything is to win the competition to become Savvy's first teen columnist. The problem is, between going to parties with Jessica and thinking of ways to charm Michael, Chrissy hasn't had time to come up with a winning topic for her column. over the course of one exciting summer in New York City, she struggles to balance her journalistic ambitions with friends, family, and fun. Chrissy is living life in the fast lane now... does she have what it takes to keep up?


This book can be summed up in one word: It's cute. It's a great beach-read. It's easy to read and once you get into the story, the book flies by.

Jessica relates Chrissy to her younger sister. She says she just wants the best for her younger sister because of her past. Then why would she be taking Chrissy out to parties? Buying her a bunch of drinks and getting her drunk? In trouble with her parents? This is the one thing that I found really... weird about this book. That one thing didn't add up.

This book is really predictable. I had pretty much the whole book figured out by the end.

Other than that, Savvy Girl is a great quick read. In the chilly winter, the hot setting will make you think of summer - and the romance will make you think of summer romance.

This book was pretty much medium-of-the-line young adult lit, but I will still read another book by Lynn Messina if she published any more.


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