Thursday, August 7, 2008

Melissa Walker Guest Blog.

Okay, I’m about to give up one of my biggest shopping secrets: La Redoute ( It’s sort of like the French H&M, and they have an amazing online selection. The clothes are completely affordable, there are designer lines (Vanessa Bruno, anyone?) and you can always find a signature piece there.

Below, a few favorites:

1. This LaCroix Falbala Trench
Okay, more expensive than most things on the site, but on sale and completely adorable—and it comes in red too!

2. This Merino Wool Shrug
I have this in three colors, and I live in it for three seasons of the year. Perfect over a spring tee, a summer dress or a fall blouse. So chic.

3. This Unité Deep V Dress
I'm a little obsessed with long-sleeved dresses, and this one is going to be perfect with a double-leather belt (see below).

4. This Double-Leather Belt
Our extremely stylish Swiss art director at ELLEgirl used to wear layered belts, and I completely snagged that look.

I hope you enjoy my style secret. Now, please share one of your own! I am always looking for new ideas.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh god, I have NO style secrets. Probably because my style isn't all that great...I'm trying to find some new clothes for this fall though...i'm not one for clothes shopping (good prices, looks nice..and FITS? all hard stuff!)

Thanks for the tips though. Some of that stuff is sooo adorable. :)

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YA Book Realm said...

Omg I'm in love with the LaCroix Falbala Trench and of course it's the most expensive one. But my, my it does look good!

constantlywishing said...

I will have to pass this site along to my BFF (and roommate) who is a fashion guru! This is completely up her alley and it is all in her sizes (she is so freakin' tiny, lol).

Thanks for sharing Melissa!

<3 Kate

Vanessa said...

Cheap and trendy. Plus you can get their monthly-ish magazines for free.

Book Chic said...

Ooo fun!! But none of these will help me, except if I decide to become a drag queen.

But that's ok. It was still fun to read! YAY Melissa!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I love them all, but I ESPECIALLY love the third one. So cute! I'd love to have a fashion sense like that, LOL!

Mrs. V said...

I don't think I could pull off one or three:). They are very cute though.

Liv said...

Love, love, love!!!
I think I've just been introduced to possibly the coolest clothing site ever. Thanks so much, Melissa! You have great taste... :D

Breanna said...

Great guest blog. If I was in to fashion I'd definitely go check out that website. But I'm poor and not in to a lot of fashion so I'll resist. But it was fun reading about it. =)


Angela said...

Nice post..! I too obsessed with long sleeved dresses.

Meredith said...

I am fashion challenged. I have no style secrets, except to go for comfy and cute. And to try to accessorize with some cute jewelry (minimal) and purses! I am a purse freak!


Honey Cuddles said...

No secrets here, just go for what makes you feel good inside.

My bff says the key is to get great stuff but at reasonable prices and to do that, visit the "Holy Trinity of shopping": Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx.

softindierocker said...

I am so loving the LaCroix Falbala Trench! If only I could afford it. ;) Wow, but I loved all of your picks- you have great taste! Lol, I too am style secret deprived. Hmmmm... (this is hair related rather than clothes related, is that okay?) I guess I'd have to say hairbands are a lifesaver if you're having a bad hair day! I have heap of other tips if you have unruly, curly hair like me!

~Lucy D =)

ali said...

melissa walker is amazinggg!! she's so nicee, and a veryy verryyy verryyy talented writer!! love you melissa!!

ali said...

melissa walker is amazinggg!! she's so nicee, and a veryy verryyy verryyy talented writer!! love you melissa!!

ali said...

melissa walker is amazinggg!! she's so nicee, and a veryy verryyy verryyy talented writer!! love you melissa!!

Josie said...

Loved this blog!
Pretty/beautiful clothes are so great! I miss American stores here in Israel... :(
I always go online and look at Old Navy and AE but it would cost me more money to get the stuff shipped than if I just buy something here...

I don't really have style secrets... but I do LOVE my AE jeans... they are AMAZING, COMFORTABLE, and CUTE!