Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Layout!

I finally figured out how to add a new layout! Yay!

The only thing is -- it deleted all the stuff in my sidebar without me realizing it. Yuck. So although all that stuff is gone, it will be back later, I promise! I've been meaning to work on stuff in the sidebar for a while now, so I finally have a chance to!

I read a few AWESOME books on my vacation, so check back later for some wonderful reviews! I'm going to start using a Heart System for rating, too. I found a picture of a heart, and a book can recieve 1-5 hearts. One heart is bad, and I hope I don't have to give out any of those, and five hearts is excellent, if a book got five hearts it is usually on my favorites list.

See you all later. :)



Chelsie said...

I had this EXACT SAME PROBLEM just a couple days ago... and I figured out how to save the stuff on the sidebars! When you go to edit the HTML thing... you know how you can back up the current layout, in case the new one doesn't work out? Well, if you click the expand widgets button... all of the info in the widgets will get saved. So if you click the expand widgets button and then back up the current html, it'll save... and then when you get your new layout, you can copy and paste the widgets codes into the new layout... but you'll probably have to manipulate it and mess with the codes before you get it to work...

If you don't understand a word I just said, email me ( and I'll try to explain it better =P

But I love the new layout!

ambeen said...

Love the new layout. XD

BooksandLove said...

I love the layout...but I miss the cbox :(

Words Speak Volumes said...

i had that prob 2, thanks for the help chelsie!!