Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bewitching Season - Marissa Doyle

Pen and Persy are twins in 1837 London. In this time, you had to be presented to the queen and find a suitable husband by going to fancy balls and parties. The twins' governess, Ally, not only teaches them in school - but also in magic. The twins have an ability that runs in their family that they cannot share with anyone for fear of the public finding out and shunning them.

But above all the pressure of finding husbands, what will the twins do with the added pressure of finding their beloved governess missing? They've been having dreams and know that Ally is in trouble and they have to help her.

Bewitching Season leads you on a very good adventure set in 1837 London. I used to be really interested in Historical Fiction books - when I was about eleven, I was in love with the Dear America series - but I've drifted away from it in the years. This book makes me want to read more and more historical fiction now.

Marissa Doyle is great at showing how the twins are different. How they are similar in ways, but also different. Also, she mixes in the magic well with the romance. It's not one overpowering the other - it's a really good balance.


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Dominique said...

Nice review! Sounds like a good book :) Personally, I've been quite a fan of historical fiction novels about the Tudor era but have since tried other historical fiction books too, and this one sounds good! Hopefully I get a moment to read it over the summer since finals are just around the corner (unfortunately!)!