Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Project 17 - Laurie Faria Stolarz

I'm going to give this caution right at the beginning: If you're creeped out easily (like me) don't read this book. If you're creeped out easily and STILL decide to read this book, don't read it when it's dark outside (like me). Hey, they say you learn from other people's mistakes, right?

Derik doesn't want to spend his life running the third generation family diner, but his grades won't get him into college. The last chance he has left is entering a film contest held by Reality TV on making a documentary and winning a summer internship.

So, he gets a team of people who are pretty much polar opposites together and decides to break into the old abandoned asylum to film. He doesn't think anything will happen, that all the stories are myths. yet, strange stuff keeps happening, with this person who was there named Christine Belle.

And, even after the trip - long after, even - nobody can forget the chilling effects of that one night.

Project 17 is now one of my favorite books. Yes, it freaked me out. But still, it was written extremely well, so it was VERY believable. It's one o those books that when you're reading, you feel like you're right there, watching all the action. Told from all six teens point of views, you get all the action - including every person's thoughts. And with a hit of romance, where can you go wrong?



The Book Muncher said...

hehe, i have this waiting for me to read it...

keri mikulski :) said...

Sounds like a good one! Thanks for the review. :)

Chelsea said...

This book looks SO creepy. But good.

BooksandLove said...

I will totally read this one. Scary books I can handle....scary movies...is a whole different story.