Sunday, April 6, 2008

If We Kiss by Rachel Vail

Charlie is fourteen and never been kissed. That all changes, however, when one day, unexpectedly, Kevin just leads her around to the side of the school and kisses her. A week later, at Charlie's party, Kevin asks Tess, Charlie's best friend out. Charlie hadn't told anybody about the kiss yet. And then she falls herself falling for Kevin - who Tess is in love with.

This get even more interesting when Kevin's dad and Charlie's mom start to date and eventually get married. Dealing with so much at the same time, how will Charlie deal with it? And keeping secrets from Tess is a first for her... how will that end up?

I thought If We Kiss was a good book. Nothing excellent, though. I felt that for fourteen, Charlie was very immature. Or maybe it's just me being a very mature fourteen year old, I don't know. I could really relate to her, though, and the book had me laughing out loud at some places. Overall, it was okay, just not excellent.



Rachel said...

OOh, I've read this book too, I enjoyed it a lot as well =]

Anonymous said...

OMG This book is like the best book i have ever read!!! I never realy liked reading till i pulled this book out of the shelf at my local libray.I wondered what it would be like to be in Charlie's position???!!! I am almost done with this book and i just started to read it like a week ago and I am almost done!!!=] And if any one knows if she has any other books please post a commet to let me know!!! Any girl at the age of 12 or older should read this book!! =] I think i am going to be reading alot more from now on!!