Monday, March 16, 2015

Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


The poverty stricken Reds are commoners, living under the rule of the Silvers, elite warriors with god-like powers.

To Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old Red girl from The Stilts, it looks like nothing will ever change.

Mare finds herself working in the Silver Palace, at the centre of
those she hates the most. She quickly discovers that, despite her red blood, she possesses a deadly power of her own. One that threatens to destroy Silver control.

But power is a dangerous game. And in this world divided by blood, who will win?
Summary from Goodreads.
Is this part of a series? Yes, it is book one in the Red Queen trilogy.
Date published: February 10, 2015
Pages: 385
Publisher: Orion
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Where do I even begin with the review of Victoria Aveyard's RED QUEEN?

I loved it. I loved the characters, I loved the setting, I loved the story. Aveyard is going to be one of my new fantasy authors!

The world Aveyard creates is great. I felt like I was in Norta with Mare as the story was occuring.

The plot has twists and turns like crazy. While I could follow some of the twisting, I didn't predict everything that happened in this story. This, sadly, does not happen much anymore with how many books I have read! I love a book that can surprise me. There are also points in this book that will make you so angry you will want to throw this book against the wall!

I can't think of much else to say about this book other than you should get your hands on a copy! This is going to be one of my favorites 2015, and I can't wait until next January to get my hands on the next book!

Grade: A


I was in no way, shape, or form paid for this review.

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So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I loved this so much. That twist at the end!