Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: The Duggars: 20 and Counting!


The Duggars: 20 and Counting! is a behind-the-scenes look at the supersize family that fascinates millions of television viewers around the world. From Idaho to Istanbul, people want to know how Arkansas parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar efficiently and lovingly manage seventeen (soon to be eighteen) happy, homeschooled children without going into debt -- or losing their minds!This, the Duggars' first book, is an entertaining and enlightening collection of stories, photos, recipes, tips, traditions, and practical ideas designed to answer the questions of the curious, such as:
- Why do you have so many children?- How do you provide for your family financially?
- How do you handle mealtimes? Transportation? Laundry? Birthdays?
- How are your children so well behaved?
- Why do all your children have names that begin with J?

Since their first documentary broke viewership records on the Discovery Health Channel, the Duggars have appeared in American and international news media, sharing their rock-solid faith and their overriding belief that "children are a blessing from God." In these pages, Jim Bob and Michelle share their story, beginning with their own childhoods. They reveal how their growing-up years shaped their philosophy of parenting. It continues with tales of their big, busy family, whose televised documentaries and frequent appearances in news shows and newspapers have created an international following.
The Duggars share, with humility and humor, the family routines and guidelines they've learned through biblical study and trial and error -- ideas that can help make your home a place of peace, love, and support:
- Financial lessons for debt-free living- Organizing systems for a clutter-free home
- Homeschooling methods and schedules
- Training tips for little ones
- Relationship builders for older children
- Favorite Duggar family resources
Reading The Duggars: 20 and Counting! is like visiting this big, busy family right in their home: fascinating, inspiring -- and fun.

I really don't know what my fascination with this family and how it runs is. We got rid of our cable a few months back - and yet I still watch re-runs of this show on youtube. (Very pathetic, I know.) It's just such a huge family - most families can't run with only two kids, so how can this one run so well with nineteen of them? (And only one out of the house.)

This was a very good book, in my opinion. Jim Bob and Michelle explained how they met, fell in love, and married (Michelle was only seventeen!). It also explained their choice in having such a large family.

I found it very interesting how they make their own laundry soup. It is a great way to save money (we're making our own in my household now), and it lasts a while.

The receipes that were included also looked really yummy! I have noticed a lot of people saying that they eat like crap, but come on... a lot of us eat stuff like that. It's yummy, and quick to make. And, look at their kids - I don't think they are suffering from it at all. They are all looking very nice and healthy.

So, overall, I loved this and recommend it. :)

Grade: A+ 

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