Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turnetsky


When Louise Lambert receives a mysterious invitation to a traveling vintage fashion sale in the mail, her normal life in suburban Connecticut is magically transformed into a time traveling adventure.

After a brief encounter with two witchy salesladies and donning an evening gown that once belonged to a beautiful silent film star, Louise suddenly finds herself onboard a luxurious cruise ship in 1912. As Alice Baxter, the silent film star, Louise enjoys her access to an extensive closet of gorgeous vintage gowns and begins to get a feel for the challenges and the glamour of life during this decadent era. Until she realizes that she's not just on any ship-- she's on the Titanic!

Will Louise be able to save herself and change the course of history, or are she and her film star alter ego, destined to go down with a sinking ship in the most infamous sea disaster of the 20th century?

Pages: 272
Publisher: Poppy
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Source: Sent for review.
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What a cute book!  Oh my goodness!  When I started reading this, I will admit that I had my worries about it.  I'm not too much of a fashion girl, so when I see a title like this, I immidiately think that I'm going to be lost in name brands and style trends.  However, that was not the case, and I ended up really enjoying The Time-Traveling Fashionista.

The way that history is incorperated into the book is something that I really loved.  Turnetsky had a very creative idea by putting history and fashion together.  One second we're in the present-day, and the next we are sucked back to the Titanic.  The Titanic is always a part of history that has interested me, so to have a book with a character that is on the Titanic was awesome and Turnetsky did a wonderful job writing it.

Were there name brands?  Yes.  Were there some style trends talked about, too?  Yes.  But they were presented in a wonderful way.  There were also really nice pictures throughout the novel showing off the dresses and what they looked like.  They are beautiful, but they also help the fashion clueless (like me) get a good look at what the styles really looked like.

Overall, this is a cute, fast read.  It will be enjoyed by many.  The way that history is incorperated into the novel with fashion is excellent.  Turnetsky did a wonderful job with the novel, and I'm very glad that I read it.

Grade: A-


The Book Obsession said...

Great review! This book looks super cute and I will be checking it out. Also thanks for the comment on goodreads I ended up loving Bitter End

Bianca said...

Hey Anna, Thank you so much for your awesome review! So glad you enjoyed T-TF and can't wait to share the second in the series with you next fall! xo Bianca