Friday, March 12, 2010

Review: As Simple as it Seems by Sarah Weeks


Verbena Colter knows that she's bad news.Trouble from the get-go. How could she not be, with parents like hers? But Verbie doesn't want to be mean. She wishes she could be somebody else, anybody other than who she is. Enter Pooch, a flatlander boy visiting for the summer. When Pooch and his mom rent the house next door, Verbie takes the opportunity to be someone else entirely. And what starts out as a game leads Verbie into a surprising and heartwarming journey of self-discovery.

Grade: 2 hearts.


When I started in on this book, I didn't realize that it was a middle grade book.  Some middle grade books I can read, and I'm fine with.  Others, I just can't read for some reason.  This one was one of those that I could read, but this was just very... weird.  I didn't really see what the purpose of the book was.  

When the book is first starting out, it's very boring.  You're basically just getting background on Verbie's life.  There's nothing that's really interesting, and there's nothing there that would really make you want to keep reading, either.  

Then the big secret is revealed right in the middle.  Once it's revealed, it doesn't seem that bad.  It's just like... "Okay.  So what?" kind of a Big Secret.  Then the book kind of just spirals downward from that point.  After that is revealed, there's somewhat of a plot, but to me it just seemed pointless.  

The book's one main feature was the town and people that Weeks created.  They're very original and that was my favorite aspect of this book.

Overall, this wasn't the greatest.  I would recommend you getting this book from the library when it comes out instead of buying it if you still want to read it. :]

As Simple as it Seems is released on June 15. 


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Ms. Yingling said...

I agree with you. Even though I didn't like this one, I do really enjoy the author's other work.