Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guest Blog: Angela Morrison

Today we are lucky enough to have Scott from Angela Morrison's latest novel, Sing Me to Sleep, here with us. :]


Hi Hope and friends, 

Scott here. Angela's off having a nervous breakdown over her editor leaving Razorbill and the big boss man giving Michael and Leesie's next book a massive thumbs down, so I stepped up and took over--because what is IMPORTANT right now is my book, okay our book, SING ME TO SLEEP, is flying off the shelves, and so many uber-smart readers are digging ME way more than pretty boy Derek.

Duh. I'm the real deal. Not some stupid fantasy Beth dreamed up in Switzerland. Not to say Derek isn't real. Crap. The guy is way too real for me. And he's such a massive jerk. I'm not just saying that because he stole the only girl I've every even looked at right from under my nose. He makes her miserable. She won't admit it, but I have eyes.

Some kid called me a stalker and suggested I give it up and stay away from Beth. Like that's going to happen. I've planned my whole life around her. That kid has obviously never loved anyone like I love Beth. It's deep down in the roots of my soul. That's not something you can turn on and off. It's something that makes you kind of crazy. 

I'm not Mr. Violent or anything, but the first time I saw Derek ALL OVER HER, it was all I could do not to beat the snot out of him. Yeah, I've had the snot beaten out of me at least twice a year since kindergarden, but I've been working out. I could take Derek easy. The guy is a rake. Skin and bones. Artsy musician type. What does she see in him? I know she's liking what she sees in me these days. Even short math nerds grow up. 

Anyway, I'm here today to tell you that if Angela can get her act together, she should have SING ME TO SLEEP's Epilogue (it got cut from the finished book) posted on CHATSPOT by today. She's also working on a tribute to Matt, the real life, fun (non-Derek) guy who inspired Angela to write our story.  BIG WARNING: These posts are massive spoilers. Don't read them until you've read all about me, the girl I love, and the guy who messed it all up in SING ME TO SLEEP!  

P.S. If you love the music from the trailer, you're in luck. Amabile is releasing "Beth's Song" on iTunes any day now.


Thank you for stopping in Scott, and make sure to get Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison, which was released today! :]


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Angela said...

Hi Hope and friends, Angela this time. I hope you liked hearing from Scott. SING ME TO SLEEP actually released on March 4th. (And it's doing really well.) But for some strange reason March 18th got in the online system, so today is happy phantom release day! Thanks for celebrating it with me.

I do have some links you've got to check out. Amabile released "Beth's Song" on iTunes this week. Here's the link:

You can read SING's first chapter on my website,

And for readers who've already read SING ME TO SLEEP, the Epilogue and Tributes are up on my ChatSpot blog.

Thanks again, Hope!