Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Naughty List - Suzanne Young


As if being a purrfect cheerleader isn’t enough responsibility! Tessa Crimson’s the sweet and spunky leader of the SOS (Society of Smitten Kittens), a cheer squad–turned–spy society dedicated to bringing dastardly boyfriends to justice, one cheater at a time. Boyfriend-busting wouldn’t be so bad . . . except that so far, every suspect on the Naughty List has been proven 100% guilty!

When Tessa’s own boyfriend shows up on the List, she turns her sleuthing skills on him. Is Aiden just as naughty as all the rest, or will Tessa’s sneaky ways end in catastrophe?

The Naughty List. Is your boyfriend on it?


Originality: 20/20
Characters: 10/15
Writing: 10/10
Voice: 10/10
Ending: 8/10
Entertainment: 10/10
Cover: 8/10
Recommendation: 10/10

Total: 86/100 = B+


This book was amazing. I lovedddd it. It was very original, and Tessa had a wonderful voice. I found the substitutes for swear words very entertaining... though the first time I saw "strawberry smoothie," it took me a while to catch onto what it meant.

This is one of the books where I didn't like the ending! I wished it would've ended a different way, which I'm not going to say because it would spoil everyyything. But I'm also not the author, and the author is who decides how the book ends.

I did mark this book on on characters for a few reasons. One, a few of them seemed really cliche. Also, sometimes Tessa just acted too... perky. I know this was her personality, I do realize that, but sometimes I did think it could've been toned down a little bit.

Overall, though, The Naughty List is a wonderful book! I enjoyed it, and I didn't want to put it down when I was reading it. It sucked me in right from the beginning and I couldn't wait until it was over. :) Look for this one to be out in stores on February 4!


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Great review, can't wait to read this book..