Sunday, August 9, 2009

Giveaway: Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert

Hey! Here's our second giveaway of this two week long celebration. This one is for Stephanie Kuehnert's latest novel, Ballads of Suburbia.

She gave me a question that goes along with her guest blog that she wants you guys to answer to be entered. =)


How did your experience of getting your driver’s license go? Or if you haven’t gotten it yet, what do you look forward to or fear most about driving on your own?

To Enter:

Leave a comment answering this question.

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Contest ends on August 21st at midnight. Open to US and Canada only.

Good luck to you. =)



purplg8r said...

Happy Birthday!

My experience with getting my license was fine..nothing special...but getting my permit was another story. I didn't fail the written test part--oh no, I failed the VISION part! I went up to the thing and was fine when I had to look through both eyes and my right eye...but when I just had to look through my left eye, I sat there waiting for them to start it and when I finally said I was ready, they said it was there. My eye sight was so bad in my left eye that I couldn't see anything! So I had to go get contacts and glasses before I could get my permit (and I had had no idea that anything was wrong with my vision!)

Kristy said...

Hello :)

I haven't gotten my driver's lesson yet, but I am a little worried about it. My brother said it was hard, but I'm not sure if he was just kidding or not. I'm going to study, study, study. :P
I AM excited about being able to drive places on my the local Barnes and Noble :)

My e-mail:

Have a great day!

Debs Desk said...

My experience getting my drivers license was bad. I could not parallel park, luckily you did not have to pass that part to get your drivers license. I was scared to death to drive and did not drive for about a month after I got my license.


Kelsey said...

Great contest!
I haven't gotten my license yet, but what I fear most is not passing the test! I mean that's really important! Hopefully I'll be able to practice a lot before hand! I can't wait to be able to drive wherever I want though and not have to wait for someone to take me.

Casey said...

By the way Happy Birthday!

I really didn't have a bad experience when I got my license. I took driver's ed through my school in the summer. The school did this thing where you could pay $20 and just take the driving test with the instructer I had all summer. I thought that was well worth it because I was hearing that the people at the BMV were mean. So I took it and I passed, of course I felt comfortable with my instructer because I had him all summer. The cool thing was that he didn't make me parallel park. Then all that was left was take the written test, which I passed and only missed 3 questions I think.

When I was in driver's ed, during the first week I remember my mom let me drive home from school and I was pulling in the driveway. Instead of hitting the brake, I accidently hit the gas, and well, we went straight into the house. Luckily, it just dented the hood of the truck, and the siding on the house. I was so embarrassed and didn't want to drive. times LOL!!


harmonybookreviews said...

I haven't gotten mine yet but I'll be getting it next fall...I'm absolutely terrified and do NOT want to do it. I wreck everything I drive (tractors, fourwheelers, etc) and I'm just terrified. Like what if I hurt someone?!

Would love to have a copy of my own <33

allychick1 said...

I haven't gotten mine yet, but I'm nervous for the test. Also, I have anxiety issues, so if while I'm driving I were to do something wrong, it would bother me for the rest of the day. I'm also fearful of getting into an accident.


jpetroroy said...

I got my license in January, after a fairly mild winter. The day of my test, I woke up to a snowstorm---the first snow of the year and only the second time I had driven in snow. Of course, I was freaking out, but I succeeded!

MJ said...

I failed twice before I ever got it. But my Dad always said that I was the best driver of his 4 children. I just got soooo nervous!!


Rachel said...

I look forward to driving with my friends with the music blasting. I also look forward to all places I can go by myself if I want and not having to depend on someone to transport me everywhere.
The Obsessive Reader

Jessica Kennedy said...

I've had my driver's license for a while (8 years!).

The written test was the worst for me! I nearly failed it the first time. I missed all I could miss and I was anxious that I might fail. I didn't!

The actual driving portion wasn't an issue. Of course the parallel parking was a concern but I did fine. Getting yourself worked up over the situation doesn't help any so it's important to stay calm. :)

bookreviewsbyjess AT gmail DOT com

donnas said...

My experience was awful. The written test went fine. But the first time I took the driving test was the worst. My mom took my and she said that as soon as I left with the instructor the other parents there told her I wasnt going to pass. Apparently that instructor almost never passed the females taking the test. And she flunked me almost right away. The second time I went to a different office and even though I was so nervous I took a right when they wanted me to take a left I still passed with only parallel parking as a problem.

Dani said...

My experience with getting my license....
Hasn't Happened Yet.
Since I just turned 15 a week ago. Though I am terrified for that day to come when i have to get a license, Yikes!
I could have started Drivers Training 4 months ago, but I'm petrified. Did you know in Segment 2 they make you drive on the freeway, at 70 MILES PER HOUR! The Audacity! So yeah...

Anyways, I would LOVE to be entered in this contest as i have been wanting to read this book FORVEVER, no joke.


jessjordan said...

Yeah ... so mine was pretty embarrassing. No, make that a lot embarrassing. It took me 3 attempts:

Attempt 1: Couldn't back up properly and stopped at a random crosswalk because I thought it was a good idea. Close, but no good.

Attempt 2: Horn in Mom's jeep wouldn't work, so had to take it on Dad's beast (Dodge Durango). Hit a cone in the parking lot when I was trying to park regularly. Didn't realize it. The lady had to tell me. Not even close.

Attempt 3: Took test on my aunt's car. Success, but by that point, my dad was pretty convinced I was a moron who would always need a driver. Lesson learned. First vehicle--and everyone after that--was a car.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Ugh, I keep messing up, so sorry about the two above commetns. Anyway, my answer to the question is:

I haven't gotten my driver's license yet ( Ihave two more years!)though I'm definitely scared about it. Since, I'm afraid of failing and I always worry about getting into accidents when I can finally drive. Though, I will be excited about getting to drive to different places whenever I want.

My email is:

runningforfiction said...

i haven't gotten my license or my permit yet, and i won't for 2 or 3 years.
i've been in so many car accidents in my life, and i've seen so many car accidents in front of me. heard about them on the news.
it's scary.
i'm just afraid that i'm going to die or get really hurt in a bad car accident.

runningforamsterdam @ hotmail . com

What a Girl Reads said...

When I took me driver's license I was so, soo nervous! My legs were shaking and I almost couldn't stand up!
But I passed so I'm happy!


Lilibeth Ramos said...

I haven't gotten my lincense yet, but it is definitely an experience I'm looking forward to! Except I'm worried about running someone over and petrified of the highway. Lol. Besides all that, I really can't wait to get behind the wheel, with all the responsibilities that entails!

Just Plain Ol' Moi! said...

My driving test was okay, I was really nervous the first time. I ended up doing everything perfect but when I was literally 2 minutes away from the end of the test they made me back up in a straight line next to a curb and well, I hit the curb. Automatic disqualification lol! But the second time was much easier I just kept practicing backing up in my neighborhood
...theyt hought I was crazy.

Bianca said...

Great question!!

I haven't got my driver's licensee OR permit yet. I'm terrified that I'll fail it. But when when I do get it, I can't wait to drive myself around!!!

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

I Heart Book Gossip said...

It took me two times to get my drivers license. I've been told many times that I don't follow directions well, but truth is I'm a leader not a follower. Behind the wheel I lead and others follow. The tester failed me the first time cause I hit a bumper in front of my parallel parking. I passed the second time and was so happy I treated my mom to dinner cause she was one person who paid for the lessons.

Please count me in.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

catss99 said...

It went well-I passed the first time, although I did turn on my turn signal way too early.


Anonymous said...

Truthfully I haven't gotten my license yet and I don't really plan to. I have my learners and I'm fine with that. Driving kind of freaks me out and I'm fine with public transportation.


gaby317 said...

I was terrified when I went through the driving test. The written part was a breeze, the guy next to me was even cheating (textingn on his phone) but the parallel parking had me sweating. Fortunately, it went fine. But I moved to NYC and just take the subway, bus, taxis everywhere!

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

Sarah said...

Hi and Happy Birthday!

Well, I am going to be taking my drivers test in October on the morning of my sweet sixteen! I'll finally be able to hang up the ol' bike helmet and put a new key in my pocket(**jumping up and down with joy**)though I'm slightly terrified. I'm very timid,and extremely parinoid of crashing or scratching the car(I guess the role of the fearless leader in the family apparently went to my younger sister!) Where I live I'll be recieveing my permanent license in January and everybody knows what January roads are infamous for... black ice! My uncle hit some several years ago and rolled his half ton truck! This has me parinoid along with the curse my family seems to have with teen drivers. Each one of my cousins who live near me have crashed their car at least once before their eighteenth birthday, my cousin crashing to weeks before his. It's so scary yet liberating! So, long story short its not the test I'm terrified about (my memory is excellent, and I've got a gold medal for cramming) its the driving!

Thanks :)

p.s. I'm getting my driver's handbook Tuesday!

Megan said...

I haven't gotten my license yet. But I am scared that I'll fail or make a huge fool of myself. And I 'm afriad I will be horrible because right now I can't control anything. And I have a hard time controling a rideing lawn mower.


pepsivanilla said...

Please enter me :)

I was taking my driving test in Driver's Ed at the end of the semester. You got 2 tries. I was disqualified my 1st try because I mauled 2 huge cones backing out of the pretend parking spot. Then I did everything perfectly on the 2nd try and was driving back to the starting point. I was excited, so I kinda did a rolling stop instead of an actual stop. The teacher was like "Was that a complete stop?"
"Um, no" "Well, in the spirit of Christmas, you pass anyway."
I was so relieved! I mean, obviously there were no cars coming in the driver's ed range and I had a brain fart.


Sarahbear9789 said...

I failed the first time that I got my license and passed the second time.

Jenny N. said...

The first time I tried for the permit, I failed the written test because I didnt know that you were allowed to skip questions on the computer and come back to them later. But I did pass the second time I took it.


Korianne said...

My experience getting my license hasn't happened yet. But let me tell you one thing I AM TERRIFIED! I am over the being scared of driving thing, now if I could just stop being scared of the people who do the testing.