Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogger Guest Blog: Lizzie from The Book Obsession

Lizzie is the amazing person behind the blog The Book Obsession. Here she is telling us what she wants her sixteenth birthday to be like! =)


To be honest, I didn't want a big party when I turned sixteen, which will be next year. I just wanted to spend some time with the people I cared about, nothing big. But my mother insisted on a party so I finally caved in. Earlier this month was my first time shopping for party favors. I saw all the options and all the balloon arrangements. I got so excited and really into the whole party idea. I realized that turning sixteen really is a big deal and it should be celebrated.

In some ways, turning sixteen is just like turning any other age but some not. You learn how to drive, get a job, and pretty much preare to be an adult. So for that a celebration (doesn't have to be big) with family and friends that love you is needed.

So what do I want my sixteenth birthday to be like? I want a party filled with caring and loving people. I want to dance, laugh, and have a great time. So with that said...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE! I hope your sixteenth birthday is filled with love and that all your wishes come true. <3


Thanks, Lizzie!



wdebo said...

That's how my 16th party was too, we ate pizza, watched Chick Flicks and hung out bahaha it was like turning any other age...I wonder if my 17th birthday will be more exciting :P

DeNiSe MaDnEsS said...

I feel old but I loved being sixteen getting a party just made the memory greater