Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blogger Guest Blog: Ashley from Books Make Great Lovers

Ashley is the mastermind behind Books Make Great Lovers. Here she is telling us what she wants her sixteenth birthday on January 11th to be like!


Every girl has some fantasy about her sweet sixteen. Most girls see lavish parties with a cute guy by their side. That’s not the case for me. I see a quite event.

Ever since I was little parties have stressed me out. I love to attend other people’s huge blasts but the stress of planning my own is too much. There is the option of a party planner but that in itself is a whole other stress. What if they mess up? What if people don’t like the party they plan me? The thought of a party being my own freaks me out in general.

After some time thinking I know just what I want to do come January 11th. On my actual birthday (the 11th) I want to go to a spa with my mom. One in Portland, where I can stay in a Hotel. I would like to get facials, pedis and a massage. I would like my best friend to come as well. This would make me super relaxed come the 12th, when I would get my license.


Thanks, Ashley!


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Casey said...

I'm not one for big parties either. A couple of friends getting together and hanging out works just as well. Parties are stressful, and theres usually too much noise to even hear the person sitting next to you.