Monday, July 20, 2009

In My Mailbox!

So, this is like MEGA In My Mailbox. It's being posted on a Monday because we just got our mail from the last two and a half weeks while we were gone. So. That's why there's so much. :p



Jessica said...

your pretty much my hero at this moment because you played good girls go bad AND goodbye which at the moment are my favorite songs so thanks!

prophecygirl said...

I hope you enjoy Hush, Hush - it's amazing!

Nice music by the way. Cobra are great!

ReaderGirl said...

Woo, I got Hush, Hush too! Lemme know how you like it! I was worried I wouldn't get it too! XP

Moonlight is great! And I can't wait to read Sea Change!




Muffins said...

Lol. You're funny. Your reviews never fail to amuse me. Keep it up, Hope. :)

By the way, love the books. :D