Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teen Tuesday (June 16)

I haven't done a Teen Tuesday post in forever, so I thought I'd do one this week since I really, really, really want to finish the book I'm reading - and I'm at a good part. (Can you tell?)

What I've Read:

This week I seem to have come out of my reading slump.

First, I finished It's Not You, It's Me, which, if you've read my review, you can see wasn't quite what I was thinking it was going to be.

Then I started and finished Secrets, Lies, and My Sister Kate. I really enjoyed this one... it wasn't what I was expecting, but it was really good.

Currently Reading:

After by Amy Efaw. This is what I'm so eagerly wanting to finish tonight. It is reallllllly good. I just started it this morning, but I'm already about halfway done, and it's REALLY REALLY GOOD.

What I'll Be Reading Next:

Next I think I will start either Graceling (which KD said was really good) or Hate List, which I've also heard is good. Or, who knows, maybe I'll change my mind by then. =)


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