Saturday, February 14, 2009

All About Hope!

So in my One Year post I promised y'all an All About Hope post with the questions you posted in the comments section. Well, here it is! Also, if you didn't get a chance to ask your questions or you want to ask more, feel free to post more in the comments section of this post. I will either edit this post and add them, or just do another one altogether sometime if there's enough. :)

So, yeah. There's a picture. :)

Now, to the questions:

Erika Lynn asked:

Assuming you are in HS what are your plans for college? Where do you want to go and what do you want to study?

Yeah, I'm in high school. I'm a sophomore right now. :) I don't know where I want to go to college, but I'm looking around. I want to double major in Early Childhood Education and Music Education, and then minor in psychology.

Also how long after you started did you start getting ARCs and how did you start getting them?

I started getting ARCs about a month after I started reviewing. At first, I was always approached by the authors. Then I found out that authors don't bite, and I started to contact them myself, too.

Tina Ferrero asked:

When reading and reviewing, how important is the cover art? I mean, does it make you want to read a book more, less, or not at all?

Cover art is really important to me. I know that old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover," but... sometimes I do. I know, shocker. :p But cover art sometimes makes or breaks a book for me: if I'm buying books and I have to choose between two, as bad as it may sound, I always pick the one with the best cover. Sometimes it's the same with the library, but I usually just check a bunch of books out at once from there, so it doesn't matter as much. So, yes, cover art is really important to me. :)

Merel asked:

Do you ever read books twice?

Yes! If I like a book a lot, I will always go back and re-read it. I usually skip the first chapter, though, for some weird reason. I just don't like re-reading first chapters when I re-read books.

Is there on book that's absolutely your favorite?

Akkkk! No. There's too many books I love!

What do you like so much about reading?

I like the fact that you can just get away. It's like you're going on a vacation to someone else's life and you can get away from whatever is going on in your life at the time your reading.

Would you ever like to write a book yourself?

No. I don't like to talk about myself too much. :/

What makes a book really good for you?

It has to capture my interest in the first few chapters. I can get distracted really easily, and if those first few chapters don't draw me in, I'll put off reading it for a really long time. Also, the characters have to be relatable or I find the book either boring or annoying.

And I HATE some open endings. Not all of them, though. For example, I LOVED Living Dead Girl's open ending. But I wasn't a fan of Bliss's open ending. It's like sometimes an open ending is just too... open. So the ending can make me dislike a book a little more, too, lol.

Ashley asked:

Do you buy more books then you get for free?

I'm broke, so I get more books for free than I buy. The only books I "buy" are the books I exchange with people on the YA Book Swap site -- it's just paying a two to three dollar shipping rate. And I get a book in exchange. :)

What is your favorite book?

I don't have just one favorite. But books on my list of favorites include (but aren't limited to): Sarah Dessen's books, Willow by Julia Hoban (GET A COPY IN APRIL WHEN IT'S RELEASED!), Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott, Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers, and the Violet series by Melissa Walker.

Lauren asked:

Other interests besides reading?

Music. I love music. :D This is my fourth year playing the piano (check out my YouTube channel to hear me play Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus semi-decently, and soon you'll see Love Story by Taylor Swift). I also love to sing, though I get shy and don't like singing in front of people, only in groups -- which is why I'm in my school choir and the Community Choir.

Kristi asked:

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Pay to go to a darn fine college? haha, no. But some of the money would go to that. And I'd buy more books. And more FLIP FLOPS! Ahhh, I love flip-flops. And some sheet music for the piano. :)

Bookworm asked:

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Europe. I've always wanted to travel to Europe. I'd love to go to both Ireland and France, first, because my Mom's side of the family is Irish, and my dad's is French. I'd also love to go to England. I'm a big history freak, I LOVE that subject, so it'd be cool to be able to see all the things that we talked about in World History last year when we were talking about England.

Where do you live? Have you lived there your whole life?

I live in a really tiny town in Michigan. I mean, the highlight of my little town last year was that we finally had a Tim Hortons AND a Starbucks. Oh, yeah. :p Yes, I've lived here my whole life. In the same town. :) I've lived in the same house a majority of the time, too -- the house I live in now my parents bought when I was two, so I don't even remember the other house.

beccaajoy asked:

Where is your favorite place to shop?

I love shopping the Kohl's sales racks. You can get some really nice stuff there for only three or four dollars if you search them long enough. One of my favorite shirts I get there for three dollars. And they have the Dr. Suess t-shirts that I love! I'm starting a collection, haha. Right now I have four or five of them, but whenever I see one, I try and get it if I can, and Kohls is the only place I've ever seen them. Besides Kohls, I would say American Eagle and Aeropostale, though I don't go to those places much.

And, if you could be doing anything right now (besides reading/reviewing!) what would it be?

I love reading and reviewing, but if I could be doing anything else right now... hmm. I would say traveling. I don't know if it's the day-by-day changing weather here in Michigan right now, but I'm just in a mood to want to travel. I've loved traveling in the past -- when my family goes on vacations to other states we drive there with our camper -- so I've driven from Michigan to Boston, Flordia, and Conneticuit (I had pizza at Mystic Pizza!) and they were all so fun. The one place that I really loved going to was New York City, though we did fly there. I loved New York City... I hope to go back sometime.

My choir is taking a trip to Toronto in May, and I hope that will be fun too! I mean, singing at Midevil Times? Sounds like fun. :)



Carrie said...

Nice to know that there are more flip-flop addicts out there. I can't wait to go to Florida in March just so I can wear them. It's too darn cold here in Missouri.

sharonanne said...

I work at kohl's and you're right they really do have great clearance stuff. I'm not a big flip flop person because I really hate feet.

Hillary said...

I love your hair. It's so pretty!

Covers are important to me too. It is their job to make the cover appealing to us.

Bookworm said...

Oh, fun!
I'm a major cover-judger as well. (:

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay for answering questions! I love these posts. They are funnnn.

Are you in on the Willow thing? I cant' remember...LOL email if you are!