Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing With The Boys - Liz Tigelaar


New girl Lucy is desperate for friends. She tries out for Beachwood High soccer, but despite her amazingly accurate kick, fails to make the team. When the Coach points out that varsity football is looking for a new kicker, Lucy is skeptical. Football? Isn’t that a boys’ game?
But on the gridiron Lucy discovers that she feels strong—in control for the first time since her mother died. She loves football. She actually wants to play! (She also wants to hang out with super-cute quarterback Ryan Conner. But that’s just icing on the cake.)

Too bad no one else wants her on the team. Not the boys’ coach, not her teammates, and especially not her overprotective dad. Will Lucy cave in to the pressure? Or will she prove she’s pretty tough after all?


I will be the first to tell you that I am definitely not a big sports person: I can watch sports every now and again, but as for playing... psh, no way. I'm very athletically challenged. And most sports I can understand... but football? It's the one sport that I pretty much don't get at all. However, after reading Playing With the Boys, I feel like I understand it a lot better than before. While reading the book, I actually understood the game of football.

That being said, Playing With the Boys was a wonderful novel. Liz Tigelaar did a wonderful job at showing equal parts of Lucy's social, home, and sports lives. The romance aspect was very subtle, but there, also. Everything was written in a wonderful way, which was only a plus.

The only thing that I can say that I wish could've been improved was the ending. I wish the ending could've just maybe been improved a bit. It seemed too rushed and short for my taste.



Thao said...

A girl on a boys football team? That sounds fun. I love football, I think I should get this.

Thanks for the review Hope : )

TruNerd said...

I dont like endings of just about ANY books. Not Kidding. BLECH!

and, hope, i say that in EVERY SINgLE POST. but there usually is a reason.

i hope.

Katie said...

I love sports and Hope you are not athletically challenged! You just...well... Have you ever really tried? :D

This looks pretty good I love girls kicking guys butts in sports they think are just for them. :D


Hope. said...

Thao--You should... especially if you like football. :)

TruNerd--I like some endings a LOT, but others *cough*BlissLaurenMyracle*cough* I HATE. Absolutely HATE.

Katie--Yes, I did try! Try track in the seventh grade! And gym in the sixth... *shudders* If you wanna borrow this, just let me know, and I'll bring it to school. :)

Bookworm said...

It sounds like Catherine Gilbert Murdock's "Dairy Queen"....looks cute! Girl power! (;

Em said...

I LOVED her first book Pretty Tough. You should check it out if you haven't already. :)