Saturday, January 31, 2009

Contest Winners and Some Other News.

The two winners from the Ranger's Apprentice Book 6 ARC contest were:




I've e-mailed you, so get your addresses back to me within 48 hours or I'll have to pick a different winner!

Now for some really exciting news. Adele (from Persnickety Snark) recently contacted a bunch of YA book bloggers about doing a podcast all about YA. Some of the other bloggers that are included are Kristi (The Story Siren), Lenore (Presenting Lenore), and Taren (The Chick Manifesto), though there are a bunch more!

So, you should go check it out here. But you're not allowed to make fun of me! It's my first time doing this, so it doesn't sound good.

Also, this is the first one, so there are some kinks that still need to be worked out.

I want everybody to go and give Adele a big THANK YOU! somewhere on her blog. She's been working her butt off editing and helping all us who have never done a podcast before. (And even trying to help us if we have Mac laptops and she has no clue how to work them.. *cough*me*cough*.) Thanks Adele for organizing everything, and for editing all of it, and just doing everything that you've done since you approached everyone with the idea!


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Adele said...

Oh thank you, Hope. You made me a little teary. The first ep is a little like that first pancake in a batch - a do-over. I am proud of what we did but we'll get better with each ep!

You did really well!